Spring 2009 Publisher’s Letter

I always enjoy choosing our spring cover, because there are so many beautiful options that represent this special time of year. This year, we were able to choose from a multitude of fresh, colorful photos from some of Wellesley’s loveliest gardens, and you’ll find many of them in our “Glorious Gardens Flourish in Wellesley” article. I hope the vibrant pink roses on our cover serve as a reminder that spring is right around the corner, and the change in seasons will be more welcome than ever this year after the vast amounts of snow we have endured this winter.

Not only is a spring day lovely to look at, but the nicer weather provides the perfect opportunity to get out and explore the area. Our “Ten Tips for Fun and Free Things to Do in Wellesley and Weston” will get you started and you may be surprised by the multitude and variety of no-cost offerings. From movies to art to gardens to lectures, we are fortunate to live in an area rich with culture and entertainment options. If you’d like to explore outside of our neck of the woods in Boston and beyond, you’ll want to visit our “Books” department and check out the handy reference guide, Ally & Gaizy’s Girlfriends Guide To Great Shops and Cafés In and Around Boston written by two Wellesley women. Speaking of books, why not take a walk to one of the recently re-opened branch libraries in Wellesley? These quaint, historical buildings offer cozy spots for catching up on your reading or for taking part in one of the many activities for children and adults the branches host.

Spring is also the perfect time to think about broadening our horizons, and a group of Weston High School students are doing just that with an exciting study abroad program. Anthony Parker, Weston High School’s principal, says, “Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to look at their own country from a different perspective and see their own life from another vantage point.” Weston high schoolers have traveled to China, Brazil, and France and have welcomed students from those countries here. In this age of globalization Weston High School’s commitment to this program is an important one, and I hope you will enjoy reading about some of the experiences our young people encountered during their travels as much as I did.

At WellesleyWeston Magazine, our goal is that every issue provides a tour through our community by reflecting the variety of interests, endeavors, concerns, and community values that enrich the experiences of all of us who live here. This would not be possible without a team of writers, photographers, and artists who combine their talents to produce well-written, informative, and visually-pleasing articles. One member of the team I would like to thank in particular is Beth Hinchliffe, who wrote our “Do-It-Yourself Tour of Wellesley” article (Winter 2008-2009) and presented a very informative and well-attended lecture on the topic at the Wellesley Free Library in January. If you haven’t already taken the tour, I encourage you to do so, and I guarantee you will learn many new, fun-filled facts about Wellesley.

I hope that you find many opportunities for exploring Wellesley, Weston, and beyond this season and that you will be inspired by the stories and the people in this issue. Happy Spring!


Beth Furman