Editorial Departments

10 Tips – Helpful hints to simplify your life
About Town – Photos of Wellesley and Weston residents attending noteworthy events throughout Greater Boston
Artist Profile – Visual showcase of local artistic talent
Books – Profiles of local authors and book recommendations
Business and Finance – Economic trends, investments, and financial planning
Education – Schools, universities, camps, and continuing education
Excursions – Rewarding destinations for discerning travelers
Face to Face – In-depth interviews with local personalities
Family Matters – Parenting, relationships and life lessons
Fitness – Workouts, diets, nutrition, and suggestions for a healthy lifestyle
Food and Wine – Entertaining recipes and wine suggestions
Forum – Readers speak out on issues of importance to them
Fitness – Workouts, diets, nutrition, and suggestions for a healthy lifestyle
Good Works – Profile of individuals and organizations who make a difference by giving back
Green Scene -Gardening guidelines and horticultural happenings
Inbox – News briefs covering Wellesley and Weston people, places, and businesses
The Way We Were – Insight into the history of Wellesley and Weston

WellesleyWeston Magazine takes pride in its timely editorial coverage. Editorial features are added throughout the year to satisfy the interests of its readers.

Editorial Advisory Board

WellesleyWeston Magazine’s Editorial Board helps ensure that our editorial content continues to serve the needs and interests of the people in our communities with compelling, thought-provoking, and entertaining articles dealing with local issues, personalities, and concerns. The Board works with our editor, Jill Nilsen, and consists of a diverse group of active and involved citizens in the Wellesley and Weston communities. They are: Dodie Bump, Adam Cluff, Don DeAmicis,Carolyn S. Ellis, Leslye Fligor, Pamela Fox, Pat Gowdy, Joe Mayher, Carol Ott, Janet Seidl, and Gina Wickwire.

Editorial Office

Jill Nilsen

Summer 2024