Publisher’s Letter – Summer 2009

As we enter our fifth year of publishing WellesleyWeston Magazine, a few people have asked me if I ever worry that we will run out of topics to write about. The answer is a big, resounding “No.” In fact, it is often challenging that we publish only four issues a year because we always have more to talk about than we have room to print. It’s an interesting dilemma to sit down with an abundance of wonderful ideas and determine which stories to publish now and which ones to save for the future.

The talent and resources in our communities continue to amaze me year after year. In this issue alone, we have the historic figure Isaac Jones, a prominent merchant and innkeeper who built Weston’s Golden Ball Tavern in 1768 and experienced with his family all of the turmoil of the pre-Revolutionary War years. Today, talented Weston High School students and professional actors tell Isaac’s story in the film Allegiance and bring the story of the “Weston Tea Party” to life so many years later. I have a feeling that many of you will be surprised to learn (as I was) about Wellesley’s Group 20 Players that once featured the likes of Rosemary Harris, Tom Clancy, and Jerry Stiller, to name a few luminaries. The theater lights have not dimmed in Wellesley and Weston, however, as we have our own Wellesley Players, Wellesley Summer Theatre Company, and the Weston Friendly Society of Performing Arts to keep us entertained.

Like the strawberries ripening in this month’s “Green Scene,” new ideas are constantly coming into fruition and circumstances and events seem to change faster than the New England weather. To keep in step with these changes, WellesleyWeston Magazine continues to evolve, and we are making a few changes of our own this month. We are increasing our presence on the Web and our Web site,, now features an expanded “About Town” section where you can view numerous photos from local events. You can also visit us on Facebook and Twitter, and it is our hope that these social networking sites will provide vehicles for interactive conversation and give our readers a greater opportunity to communicate more effectively and frequently with us.

This issue is also packed with plenty of summertime fun. The circus is coming to Wellesley (Circus Smirkus, that is), as well as opportunities for bike rides, tennis matches, golf games, and so much more. Summer is also the season for outdoor entertaining, so clear off your deck and try some of the sizzling recipes for the grill from our “Food & Wine” section or mix up a batch of Michael Schlow’s signature Watermelon Mojitos. What’s not to like about summer? Only one thing: It just isn’t long enough to fit in all of the fun we plan to have. And the pages of this magazine aren’t long enough to write about all of the wonderful things happening in our towns. So please visit our Web site, e-mail our editor ( your story ideas, and take advantage of the social networking opportunities listed above. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to keep the conversation going between issues.

Enjoy the summer and all of the wonderful natural resources found right at our doorsteps.


Beth Furman