The term “divide and conquer” may have originally been intended for warfare but, as more and more green thumbs are discovering, it’s equally helpful in dealing with — you guessed it — gardens. Container gardens, to be exact. They’re far more adaptive than in-ground gardening. After all, you can switch around their placement to accommodate shade, change their location with the seasons, or simply coordinate their colors with the objects around them. They thrive indoors and out, and do everything from greet visitors at your front door to serve up a medley of fresh herbs in your kitchen. All of the above makes planter gardens an extremely flexible and relatively easy way to bring gorgeous life into your space. We asked local gardening experts to share their wisdom on how to create and care for potted extravaganzas that are as beautiful and healthy as they are joyful in the Digital Edition of the Summer 2021 Issue of WellesleyWeston Magazine.