For more than a century, ice cream and New England have gone together like mint and chocolate chips. Or maple and walnuts. Whipped cream and hot fudge. Or [insert your favorite ice cream flavor combo here]. You get the picture: They’re a natural fit. After all, year round—meaning even during our chilliest seasons—New England consumes an average of 22.8 quarts per person annually. That’s compared to the national average of 15.1 quarts, according to the International Ice Cream Association.
And that relationship is longstanding, to say the least. In Massachusetts alone, we think back with proud nostalgia to the ice cream parlors in our local history, going back more than 100 years — the likes of Bailey’s, Schrafft’s, and Brigham’s — not to mention more recent heavyweights and industry pioneers, from Herrell’s (the
creator of mix-ins that Ben & Jerry’s later adopted and popularized) and Christina’s to J.P. Licks.

And now comes a new wave of Massachusetts-born ice cream products, at the hands of longtime Wellesley residents Mark Robinson and Lee Gavris. The duo has created and launched Mad Minis — miniature ice cream sandwiches boasting an all-natural, healthy spin. And they’re taking off across the country, sold everywhere from Fresh Market and Whole Foods to Target. And, none too surprisingly, the origins of Robinson and Gavris’s business collaboration is a backstory inspired by growing up in the area.

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