Today, most of us lead such chaotic lives that we crave uncomplicated and uncluttered spaces in our homes. Unlike the opulent interiors that rose to popularity at the end of the 20th century, designers are starting to pare back their designs and bring in subtle decorative touches that create a feeling of tranquility, without stripping a home of its warmth. This new look — sometimes called transitional, or modern, even simplistic — blends contemporary furniture and finishes with classic, timeless lines. Neutral palettes create a serene ambiance and serve as a canvas on which to build. Bold, unexpected accent pieces such as an antique heirloom, a vibrant painting, or a refurbished coffee table can provide a focal point for a room. And varied textures and layers create inviting, yet simple living spaces.

Learn how you can apply this type of design to create a sense of calm in your home in the Digital Edition of the Winter 2019/2020 Issue of WellesleyWeston Magazine.