Forme Barre Fitness is Nantucket’s most talked about barre studio/barre bus workout and its now officially open for business in Boston’s Back Bay and Chestnut Hill. 

Forme Barre is leading the future of fitness by utilizing a team of professional consultants working in physical therapy, classical ballet technique, and biomechanics to regularly consult on their Method and provide an elevated fitness experience.

“We’re so excited to have our new studios open in Boston’s Back Bay and Chestnut Hill. I’ve been working with my team on this over the past year – seeking out the perfect locations,” said Christina Schwefel, Owner of Forme Barre Fitness. “Our goal is to serve the community in and around Boston with research-informed barre classes that offer a balance of intensity and recovery. This method works!” 

The Forme Method emphasizes slowing down, focusing on technique and moving with purpose. In today’s ever-changing world, where people are moving at a rapid pace, it’s more important than ever to cultivate mindful movement and engage in exercise with injury prevention at its core.

Forme Barre is all about moving the needle and Christina Schwefel, Owner of Forme Barre Fitness and Inventor of the Barre Bus was granted a US PATENT 9,738,233. The Barre Bus is a 1979 Pinzgauer and can be found on Nantucket at Nobadeer Beach during the summer months, also available for private and group rental. The Barre Bus has traveled to California for Coachella; stay tuned for details on the mobile experience as its makes it way to Boston.

Forme Barre Fitness offers the Forme Method, a dynamic 60-minute class that incorporates elements of ballet, pilates, yoga, and strength training for total body transformation. The Forme Method combines intense high repetition sets with isometric holds and targets and tones the entire body. Recovery is built into the method with several dedicated stretch sequences that aid in lengthening muscle to avoid bulk. Christina Schwefel opened her first studio on Nantucket in 2013 under the Go Figure brand. In 2018, she took action on an ambitious plan to re-develop the Figure Method to strengthen its connection to classical ballet technique with a renewed focus on postural alignment. Hours of consultations and continuing education informed the rebrand, resulting in the newly designed Forme Method which includes proprietary props and sequences, particularly for the core. Christina holds a Masters in Gender Studies from Harvard and a Ph.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University where she still actively teaches and publishes. Forme Barre Fitness currently has studios in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. For more information, visit