Whether a rustic ski chalet, woodsy cabin, beach bungalow, or historic cottage, many people are transforming their seasonal getaways into luxurious retreats that can be enjoyed year-round. Spa-like bathrooms, chef ’s kitchens, and family game rooms are just some of the modern amenities that homeowners have added to enhance these residences without stripping them of their charm. But restoring and modernizing an old home can be more challenging than building a new one. Older homes tend to have mature trees and landscaping which homeowners often want to preserve. But they also want modern conveniences within the same footprint. Depending on where the home is located, there may be restrictions that need to be adhered to, and most families want to maximize sleeping space for extended families and guests. When it comes to historic homes, matching period details to preserve a home’s character while subtly adding modern elements takes precision and care. Read how a few local clients have transformed their modest cottages into their proverbial “castles” in the Digital Edition of the Fall 2020 Edition of WellesleyWeston Magazine.