Publisher’s Letter – Fall 2011

In the fast-paced world in which we live, it often seems as though face-to-face contact is a thing of the past. We talk with friends and business associates via e-mail and text message, and it’s a rarity to pick up the phone to simply chat with an old friend. We spend more and more time at the computer, and with the multitude of online shopping offerings, some of us can find it pretty convenient to never even leave the house! It can be easy to forget how wonderful and refreshing it is to visit stores in Wellesley and Weston and be greeted with smiles, helpful advice, and a selection of superior products that don’t need to be returned, like so many online items.

I thought I knew just about everything when it came to shopping in our towns, but when I visited several local businesses to take the owners’ photographs for our “All in the Family” feature, I discovered that I was in for a few surprises. I had driven by the Fells Market many times and stopped in once or twice, but I had no idea that they carried such a large variety of meats, including some marinated items that are unbelievably tasty. I had met clients for breakfast many times at the Maugus, but never sampled homemade yogurt (made three times a week and low-fat!). I was reminded on my recent visit to Wasik’s Cheese Shop how much fun it is to try their samples and learn about pairing cheese with wine. And did you know that you can take your old, out-dated gold jewelry into A.M. DePrisco, where they will melt it down and create a fabulous new piece in a current design?

Add to these experiences the friendly faces at Captain Marden’s with suggestions on the freshest catch, the comfortable setting and variety of jewelry selections at Anderson’s Jewelers, the old-fashioned charm combined with up-to-the-minute fashions at E.A. Davis, and the personalized attention to detail at Home Trends, and it’s easy to discover why shopping is still a very pleasant and hands-on experience in Wellesley and Weston. In our next issue, we will be profiling businesses that have been here for fifty or more years. Do you have a business that you would like us to profile? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Please e-mail with your suggestions.

I hope you enjoy this issue that is filled with news, profiles, recipes, events, travel, books, and more useful information to kick off the fall season. When planning your back-to-school errands, please be sure to add our advertisers to your list. Our magazine would not be possible without their generous support, and I’m sure the business owners will appreciate your letting them know that you enjoyed seeing their ad. Also be sure to check out our blog,, and follow us on Facebook.

Enjoy the fall! 

© 2011 Elm Bank Media | Beth Furman, Publisher

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