Publisher’s Letter – Spring 2011

Choosing the right cover for each issue of WellesleyWeston Magazine is one of my favorite things to do. New ideas are always on my mind as we plan each cover at least a year in advance in order to accurately capture the mood and ambiance of the season in which the magazine is published. Our creative director, Peter Baker, spends many hours on location and in the studio making photographic magic, whether we are shooting gardens, landscapes, or, in this case, a young boy and his dad. I’m willing to bet that this cover photo will conjure up some wonderful memories taking you back to the day when your mom or dad painstakingly removed the training wheels from your first bicycle and had faith that you were ready to go off on your own.

I had the pleasure of attending this cover photo shoot with our adorable model, seven-year-old Upham Elementary School first-grader Jack Poirier and his dad Chris. They spent a good chunk of a beautiful afternoon very patiently posing for our camera, and I’d like to thank them for their time and enthusiasm. I’d also like to thank Jack’s aunt and uncle, Jessica and Rob Broggi, for allowing us to take over their driveway and yard in order to ensure a safe and beautiful environment in which to shoot.

Creating precious family memories is easy in towns like ours with an abundance of activities and resources. One new activity that is quickly gaining popularity in our area is geocaching. Combining the modern technology of a GPS with a good old-fashioned treasure hunt, adventurous types are hitting the forests and trails in search of “geocaches” and having fun exploring the great outdoors in the process.

Another fun family outing this spring might include a visit to the Davis Museum at Wellesley College. If you haven’t yet discovered this local treasure, I think you’ll be surprised by the multitude of cultural offerings right in our neighborhood. With four floors of gallery space, a cinema, and a café, there are many delights to appeal to all family members on a rainy spring day.

Along with the good times, raising children is fraught with challenges. Longtime Wellesley resident and mother Andrea Harding was appalled by the bullying she witnessed firsthand with her own children and alarmed by the devastating effects of bullying as recently reported in the media. Rather than sit back and simply talk about it, she decided to take matters into her own hands and co-created anti bull-e gear, a clothing line with an anti-bullying message.

I think you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this issue to explore the new possibilities that spring presents. Happy Spring! 

© 2011 Elm Bank Media | Beth Furman, Publisher

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