Summer 2006 Publisher’s Letter

may is a wonderful month to celebrate a birthday. The weather is warm, there is already a celebratory mood in the air with graduations, and the lazy, hazy days of summer are at our doorstep. At WellesleyWeston Magazine, we’re so very proud to celebrate our first birthday with the publication of this issue. It has been an exciting, interesting, challenging, and fun year for all of us working on the magazine.
One of the most rewarding things to me about working on this magazine has been the opportunity to meet so many new and interesting people. Between our advertisers and our readers, it seems as if I’m always being stopped on the street with comments about what works for you and suggestions to make our magazine even better. For example, many of you have told us how much you enjoy reading about your neighbors in the magazine. With that in mind, we’ve created a series that will explore Wellesley’s unique neighborhoods, one by one. We’ll look at the people, history, and traditions that make these distinctive areas so special to our residents. Beth Hinchliffe, author of Five Pounds of Currency, Three Pounds of Corn: Wellesley’s Centennial Story, will write the articles, beginning with her own neighborhood, “The Fells.”

It is our hope that you’ll take your copy of WellesleyWeston Magazine with you to the beach or pool this summer, and to guide you, we’ve come up with a list of places for you and your family to enjoy the water. To get to your swimming destination, why not ride your bike? Read our “Take a Ride” article and find out how cycling is helping residents in our towns reach levels of fitness they never dreamed possible, with some raising money for worthy causes at the same time.

We also received suggestions about content you would like to see added to our magazine, and as a result, we have created a new department which will debut in our Fall issue called “Faces and Places.” This page will feature Wellesley and Weston residents attending noteworthy events throughout the Greater Boston area. We will need your help with this, however, and ask that you send your photographs along with a description of the event, and the names of those attending, to our editor, Jill Nilsen, at WellesleyWeston Magazine, 5 Vane Street, Wellesley, MA 02482. We have also established an Editorial Board to help review past editorial content and define topics of interest for future articles. The names of these individuals are listed under “Contributors” on the masthead of this issue.

Again, I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to the success of our first year. To our readers, it will be our continuing goal to provide you with fresh, interesting, and entertaining articles presented in a format that makes you proud to display WellesleyWeston Magazine in your home. To our advertisers, this magazine would not be possible without your loyalty and support, and I look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship in the years to come.

Beth Furman

Winter 2023/2024