Publisher’s Letter Summer 2010

In may of 2005, WellesleyWeston Magazine made its debut. Five years later the magazine is, I believe, better than ever thanks to the continued feedback we have received from our readers, the generous support from our advertisers, and a wealth of talented people and interesting topics from our communities to feature in every issue. In a way it feels like only yesterday that we had our launch party, but when I look at my bookshelf and count the magazines, I am reminded that this is issue number 21!

This issue is packed with the best of summer including three articles with weddings as a focus. In “Wedding Bells,” Liz Suneby talks with people who have recently tied the knot and their stories of courtship, wedding planning, and the big day itself are heartwarming and joyful. In our Food and Wine article, Clara Silverstein sits down with local wedding planners and caterers and discusses how wedding receptions have changed over the years. The ideas presented can be used when planning your own wedding reception, a backyard barbecue, or another type of special celebration. Our third article under this heading is in Excursions, where we highlight three romantic destinations and talk with residents about their favorite places for honeymoons, second honeymoons, or getaways without the kids.

In my spring letter, I mentioned that WellesleyWeston Magazine was spotted being read on a beach in Aruba. That comment prompted Wellesley resident Mia DeProspo to send us the photo of a “big fan” (actually a darling baby) reading the magazine. Be sure to check out the photo in our About Town section as it will undoubtedly make you smile. If you notice WellesleyWeston Magazine being read in an unusual place (or by an unlikely person), please take a photo and e-mail it to us. We plan to publish a fun photo in About Town in every issue so be on the lookout for the magazine in your travels or use your imagination and come up with your own idea for a photo.

Maintaining a dialogue with our readers has always been our goal, and our blog ( gives us the opportunity to keep the conversation going between issues with calendar updates, comments, and community news. Our Inbox and About Town departments have become so popular that we simply don’t have room in the magazine to publish all of the submissions we receive. Be sure to check our blog often for the latest news and happenings around town.

Whether you’re a golfer, a boater, a hiker, or a beach lover, I hope you enjoy the summer and all of its outdoor pleasures.

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