Derrek Shulman, ADL New England Regional Director, will deliver a talk titled “Anti-Semitism:  What’s New About It?” at Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley on March 18. Derrek considers this to be a very important address, as there have been several anti-Semitic incidents in Wellesley that have impacted the entire community.  The explosion of the Internet and other high-tech methods of sharing and receiving information provide dangerous new avenues for anti-Semitic activities and rhetoric to be spread.  With much of this hate being spread anonymously through electronic means, the origins of this activity is now much more difficult to track and combat.  The manner in which anti-Semitism is crystallizing around questioning the legitimacy of Israel, the holocaust, and the increased use of holocaust imagery in the mainstream are posing a greater challenge than ever to those victimized by anti-Semitism and to those whose mission is to combat it.  While the most effective way to combat anti-Semitism is to confront it quickly, head-on, and to remain vigilant at all times in the battle against it.

Who: Derrek Shulman, Regional Director of ADL New England.

When: Friday, March 18, 2011, 6:00pm- 7:30pm

Where: Temple Beth Elohim

              10 Bethel Road

               Wellesley, MA 02481