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QWMT2mNAqXzWigey9pnXeiTDkFVZ9XRwddFar72Pb6TcXeP_F7CEa-zGZD2r_gXaZBa2a5eyms8AnLrtNQPSutCmjCTjBKkoej0j4dFJHdEPpgc1AMSqsAbnrsCQHca9gQH9iaMWSince fresh produce is the most nutritious potential food source for fighting hunger, Wellesley Farmers’ Market is working to bring additional local, farm-fresh foods to Wellesley Food Pantry clientele.

The Wellesley Farmers’ Market Food Pantry Fund is looking for donations that will provide local sustenance to help feed Wellesley’s hungry, while supporting local New England food growers and producers.

To help individuals and families buy the nourishment needed for good health, please donate.

“We are grateful for Wellesley Farmers’ Market for enabling donations to Wellesley Food Pantry to connect our clients with fresh, tasty ingredients and craft products to ensure healthy food options,” said Peter Lull, the new President of the Wellesley Food Pantry.

Click here to learn more about the Wellesley Food Pantry or here for more information on the weekly, pre-order, easy pick up at Wellesley Farmers’ Market.

Wellesley Farmers’ Market’s new model offers local, fresh, delicious products from more than 50 farmers and producers. To pick up, or have your order delivered, go here.