Healthy Habits Kitchen (, a company dedicated to helping busy families eat healthy,  announced an easy means to feed people in times of need. The company’s new meal registry service enables anyone in the world to have their nutritionally-balanced meal kits delivered to individuals in the Boston area who cannot get out to grocery shop or spend hours cooking. 

Owner Sue Schochet was inspired to start the service, having seen first-hand the burden that cooking, grocery shopping and meal planning places on caregivers. “For the last three years, we have provided meals to caregivers of cancer patients through The Ellie Fund’s Dish & Deliver program. The experience has been so rewarding however, there are thousands of caregivers in the Boston area who are taking care of someone who is ill or is recovering from conditions other than cancer. We really want to serve that population, as well as other people who are having a hard time putting a meal on the table.” 

The Healthy Habits Kitchen meal registry solution offers an alternative to informal coordination as well as online meal coordination web sites that are limited in scope. It eliminates the burden of who is doing what by simply setting up an account with Healthy Habits Kitchen for the meal recipient that their circle of friends and family can constantly contribute to. It streamlines the process further by sending regular contribution notifications; account balance updates and provides the gift giver with the tools to encourage their circle to contribute. The meal recipient then uses the funds in the account to purchase Healthy Habits Kitchen’s nutritionally-balanced, ready-to-cook, meal kits, side dishes and desserts, and can even have the items delivered.

 The company’s business model is centered on the creation of freezer-friendly meal kits that contain everything that is needed to cook a nutritionally-balanced meal easily in under 30 minutes. The kits contain ingredients like pre-chopped vegetables and fruit, a protein and sauce and spices, depending upon the recipe. Individuals follow the directions on the box, making lunch/dinner entrees, such as Spinach Lasagna, Bourbon Pecan Chicken, Marinated Steak Tips and Honey Ginger Grilled Salmon. 

Besides elderly parents, caregivers and those who are ill, Healthy Habits Kitchen’s meal registry service is ideal for newlyweds setting up home, college students and women who are expecting.

 “For example, there are many moms who rely on us to stock their freezer before baby comes. They come in, get several weeks’ worth of meals, throw them in their freezer and defrost as they need them. This service enables moms’ friends and family to give her the gift of healthy food while giving her control of the process of selecting the food and deciding when she needs it.” 

For more information or to set-up a new account visit or call (781) 235-6325.

 About Healthy Habits Kitchen

Founded in 2007 and based in Wellesley, MA, Healthy Habits Kitchen creates affordable, nutritionist-approved meals that are ready to be cooked for a hot, healthy and restaurant-quality meal in minutes. It’s home cooking without the time-consuming chopping, meal planning and grocery shopping, and superior restaurant flavors without the high cost, caloric content and fat. For more information, visit