IMPULSE by Adamas will host a launch party on November 22 and 23 for Sisco + Berluti’s first store within a store.

Sisco + Berluti’s designers, Lisa Sisco and Carolyn Berluti, have always been determined to keep their business rooted in Boston. This sentiment goes beyond beading every bracelet by hand in Westwood, Lisa and Carolyn want to support local independent retailers as well. While they have been carried in Boston boutiques for years, this Holiday season they will be making the next jump in expanding their business. The designers wanted a better way to serve their customers and further their relationships with local boutiques.

Beginning with IMPLUSE by Adamas Fine Jewelry in Wellesley, Sisco + Berluti will be launching a store within a store. This new launch will allow boutiques to carry and display more Sisco + Berluti bracelets than ever before, over 1,000 bracelets will be arranged on bracelet bars with a wide variety of colors and styles to satisfy any customer preferences. Lisa and Carolyn will be working in conjunction with Impulse on all bracelet selections to have the bracelet bars personalized to the store’s aesthetic. They will also be hosting shopping events within the store to meet with customers and discuss their design process.

While Sisco + Berluti started as a hobby for Carolyn and Lisa while their mother was undergoing chemotherapy, the sisters have become accidental entrepreneurs since the line took off and developed a cult celebrity following including Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and First Lady Michelle Obama. Sisco + Berluti is carried in over 300 stores world-wide, however this will be the first store in store and Carolyn and Lisa wanted to have it in Massachusetts. They see this as the natural next step in the evolution of Sisco + Berluti and hope it continues to expand their relationship with the Boston retailer community.

The store is scheduled to open for the holiday season with the launch party November 22nd and 23rd.