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On Monday, February 12th, the Law Offices of Sonja B. Selami held their first Valentine’s Day media meet & greet at the Wellesley home of co-host Ashley Bernon, client relations manager. Live music of violinist Vivian Luo and the band Almost Owen provided entertainment for this Valentine themed party and dinner was prepared by chef Tiffani Faison, owner Tiger Mama.

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Sonja Selami share laughter with husband Rudolf Selami while waiting for and greeting all guests

Elaine Dolly, a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker, spoke about how wonderful it was to interact with real estate colleagues and media figures in such an environment.

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Sonja Selami and Elaine Dolly, Coldwell Banker, Boston.
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Ashley McPartland Esq. and lead paralegal Cassandra Marshall, Selami Law

On why they chose Valentine’s Day to hold the event, Ashley Bernon said “It just represents who we are.” Sonja stated, “We really appreciate all of the people we work with. With this cold weather and in this business it is good to be reminded that you are loved, so we wanted to make a warm and caring environment for people.”

Credit: Rolling Out the Red Carpet, By Caroline McCann