Fall 2008 Table of Contents

contents volume 4 issue 3

features fall 2008

Setting the Stage
Selling a home in a slow market requires an extra dose of creativity and common sense. Local home stagers and realtors offer advice on what you can do to help your home make a powerful and positive first impression.

Kendal Green
Kendal Green was once home to a tannery, an organ factory, a hotel, and more cows per square mile than any other part of Weston. Historian Pam Fox takes us back in time in the second in a series of articles in which we describe the people and traditions that helped to create Weston’s lasting New England charm and make the history of the area compelling.

William Martin
Meet historical novelist and Weston resident William Martin, best-selling author of eight novels including Back Bay, Cape Cod, Harvard Yard, and, most recently, The Lost Constitution.

Wellesley and Weston’s Hometown Poets
The second article in a two-part series that reveals some unique glimpses into the real people behind the local legends. Here we get to know Katharine Lee Bates, author of “America the Beautiful.”

Seeing Things Differently
The growing number of children being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders is having an impact on local families, schools, and the wider community.

How Do You Spell Success?
The Wellesley Education Foundation’s annual Spelling Bee provides fun for the community and funds for the public schools.

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