Publisher’s Letter – Winter 2011/2012

The onset of winter brings with it feelings of joyful anticipation as the holiday season kicks into full swing. Even though last year’s storms may be difficult to forget, I must admit that the unpredictability of the New England weather adds to the charm of the celebrations and traditions we all cherish.

Thanksgiving has always been the holiday David and I host. We look forward to the tried-and-true traditions and also love to try new recipes to mix things up a bit. In fact, one of the traditions we follow is to never repeat a menu from one year to the next. No doubt about it, hosting Thanksgiving is a lot of work, but it happens just once a year, so enjoy! If you have a crowd coming to your house this year, you may want to refer to our “Ten Tips for a Foolproof Thanksgiving” in this issue.

Most everyone loves traditions. Perhaps because they make us feel comfortable, reassured, and help to create lasting memories. For these same reasons, we like to patronize businesses that have been around for a long time because we know what to expect and figure there must be a good reason why customers keep returning year after year. In this issue, we profile businesses that have been serving our community for fifty years or more. Chances are, there are other businesses not included in “Over 50 and Still Fabulous” that have reached this milestone. So if you know of one, be sure to e-mail our editor Jill Nilsen at We will be happy to include information about the business on our blog, and on our Facebook page.

Holiday shopping is another tradition, one that some deplore but many enjoy wholeheartedly. Some of my friends pride themselves in having all of their shopping completed, presents wrapped, and holiday cards addressed before Thanksgiving. Others enjoy the last-minute shopping frenzy. Even if you’re a “non-shopper,” you can’t argue that it’s pretty easy to find something for everyone on your gift list without leaving Wellesley and Weston. In “Add Some Sparkle to the Holidays,” you’ll learn about the latest jewelry trends and classic favorites to assist you in your quest to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Or maybe you have a special holiday or New Year’s Eve party to attend this year and are looking to enhance your outfit. Local stores have more options than you can imagine.

Once the holiday season is over, a sure way to beat the winter blahs is to stay busy. To help keep you that way, we suggest that you check out our blog at and click on our Events Calendar often for a listing of upcoming events in the area.
Here’s to a most pleasurable holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

© 2011 Elm Bank Media | Beth Furman, Publisher

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