• Saturday November 26: 1:00p – 6:00p

• Sunday November 27: Songwriting groups will record in 2-3 hour shifts between 11 AM – 8 PM

This workshop is open to all current Plugged In students, alumni, and any youth ages 8-19 who are not in Plugged In.


screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-11-53-57-amMusical experience is not required! Workshop participants are invited to play their original songs at the Samaritans Benefit Concert. Additional performance details will be provided at the workshop.

Participants will learn valuable songwriting techniques from professional musicians and songwriters. Then use what you’ve learned to make a positive change in your community. At this workshop participants will learn how to write and perform an original song, which we’ll then record and use to help raise funds to support a local charity.

Plugged In’s 2-Day Songwriting and Recording Workshops synergize with our benefit concert series. Participants will learn about Samaritans, the charity our students have chosen to honor at the next Plugged In benefit concert. They’ll learn more about Samaritans mission, history, and about the countless lives their work has effected.