Young artists take note!  You can come to Wellesley Books at 82 Central Street in Wellesley to learn techniques for drawing everything from robots to farm animals and more. In honor of Youth Art Month, artist/illustrator Ralph Masiello will take us on a tour of his renowned HOW TO DRAW series which shows how to draw all sorts of subjects through simple step-by-step diagrams.  Young artists are invited to bring their own favorite drawing supplies but paper and pencils will be available, so that everyone can draw along. 


Ralph Masiello is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and has created a wide variety of artwork for newspapers, books, posters, prints, and fine art exhibits. He is internationally known for the children’s books he has written and illustrated and especially well known for his “How to Draw” series, the most recent of which is RALPH MASIELLO’S FARM DRAWING BOOK. Since 1987, he has visited over 2,300 schools all over the world, inspiring children with his life story, humor, and art. Ralph is a Massachusetts native.


RALPH MASIELLO’S DRAWING BOOK SERIES provides readers with simple step-by-step diagrams showing young artists how to draw all sorts of subjects—from dinosaurs to robots to sea creatures to farm animals, and more. The books also include bonus steps for an added challenge, and encourage children to customize their own drawings, building artistic confidence and promoting creative exploration.