barbarahertz_fashionshowwellesley_april 2016Barbara Hertz who grew up in nearby Brookline,MA has found a way to honor her dad Dr Saul Hertz (1905-1950) and raise money for cancer research.  She has teamed up with Sara Campbell who will host a charity fashion showcase at her Wellesley store in Linden Square on April 3rd from 4:00-6:00PM.

While going through the clutter and memories of her Brookline childhood home she came across boxes and boxes of her dad’s original research documenting Dr. Hertz’s discovery of the medical uses of radioiodine(RAI).  RAI is used to diagnose and treat thyroid diseases.  RAI is the first and Gold Standard of targeted Cancer therapies.  Barbara had little knowledge of her dad’s profound contribution to medical science, in that she was a small child when he passed. Barbara says, “My dad’s contribution that has saved the lives of countless generations of patients had been grossly overlooked and minimized.”  Her doctor, now retired, Weston’s Dr Donald Goldstein encouraged her to to share her dad’s story of his extraordinary contribution to medicine.

She commented, ” There were quotas for outsiders in medical schools and little opportunity to be on the staffs of Boston’s elite hospitals. The very reason for establishment of The Beth Israel Hospital and Deaconess Hospital. She appreciates the challenges that her father was able to overcome to bring his work to fruition and the profound legacy that he created.

Sara Campbell and Barbara met some years ago after Barbara had shopped in her Nantucket store.  The fashion showcase will have models who are cancer survivors. Samantha Martin was treated with RAI when she was just five years old. Ellen Cavalier, a twenty year cancer survivor also treated with the life saving treatment of radioiodine.   Barbara invited Newton’s,Estelle Colgan, whose father was recently treated with RAI for his thyroid cancer. Other local models include Barbara’s Baker School classmate Jackie Firestone and her Brookline High friend’s wife Lisa, now from Natick. Judy Kaplan, co-facilitator of the ThyCa Boston cancer support group, has been instrumental in locating the models.

The money raised will be donated to The Light of Life Foundation whose mission is supporting thyroid cancer research as well to improving the quality of life of thyroid cancer patients.

Additionally, MGH’s Russell Museum of Medical History and Innovation will present a lecture, “Dr Saul Hertz: Discovers RAI” .” on April 5th at 6PM. Registration is free: mghhistory An exhibit highlighting Dr Hertz’s innovative research will be on display for a month at the museum located at 2 North Grove Street in Boston. The Russell Museum can be reached easily by public transportation, is open to the public and free of charge.

One local patient emailed Barbara stating: My husband and I plan to attend the April event at MGH.    Treatment with radioactive iodine knocked the thyroid cancer (metastatic to a little bit of bone and lung) right out of me, exceeding my doctor’s expectations… I am now 83.  We have a large family.  Many were praying for me.  The cure delivered on the wings of prayer was your father’s discovery, the miracle of radioactive iodine.  Few can equal such a powerful and precious gift.