The Scarecrows are coming back . . . with your help!  The Community League Garden Club (CLGC), Land’s Sake Farm, and Town of Weston have joined together to provide guidance, materials and space for YOUR SCARECROWS this fall.  And . . . the categories have expanded, to include more opportunities for FUN! 

This year, INDIVIDUALS can make and display their own scarecrows, in the following age categories:  grades K-1, 2-3, 4-5 and 6-8. 

STUDENT GROUPS can be created to make a scarecrow.  For example:  in grades K-5, 6-8 or 9-12, Neighborhood Kids, Scout Troops, Sports Teams, Class Officers, and School Clubs, can band together to create awesome and crazy scarecrows.  Can’t you see a Choir Crow singing?  Or a Football Crow-back Tossing?  A Crow-Scout camping?  Or the Diabetes Team in Training? 

And, finally, ADULT GROUPS can also become a part of the adventure.  BUSINESSES can plant a scarecrow in a store window, or at the entry to an office building.  CHURCHES can display theirs on their site.  GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES can do the same, as can teachers.  Can’t you imagine how great a Math or Science Teacher Scarecrow would look, designed, of course, by the Math or Science Department? And, yes, a Bagel Crow would be fun.  So would an Artist or Doctor or  . . . well, you get the picture! 

Is this a Competition?  Well, yes, sort of!  Each category will be judged.  All entrants (one per person, one per group) will receive a certificate of appreciation.  Those who win will receive a certificate saying 1st, 2nd or 3rd.   Money will not be awarded, just honors.  

Now, how do you participate?  On Saturday, September 26th, from 9 to noon, come to Land’s Sake Farm, across from the Field School on Wellesley Street in Weston, to sign up and receive your set of directions, a stake, and a bag of straw.  

Using old clothes, old Halloween costumes, and other crazy stuff, create your Scarecrow.  By Sunday night, September 27th, plant your Scarecrow in a designated location.  Judging will occur on Monday and Tuesday, September 28th and 29th.. 

When these scarecrows were first seen in Weston, they caused much attention and many funny and positive comments.  Let’s hope we can continue this tradition, and even take it to the next level of excitement for our town.