Sustainable Wellesley’s 2nd Bus to People’s Climate March Sells Out in Just 15 Hours

Can’t Go?

Inspiring Signs Needed

Show Your Support & Make A Few

After so many locals called and emailed last week to join Sustainable Wellesley’s chartered bus to the People’s Climate March, the group decided to add a second bus. The second bus sold out in just 15 hours. There are now 110 folks – including many students from Wellesley College — who will be traveling to New York City with Sustainable Wellesley on Sunday, September 21. More than 374 buses will be heading to New York City for the march. The 29th bus from Boston just sold out. There are even 5 buses driving 22 hours from Minnesota. Others will be carpooling and taking the train.

However, if you can’t make the event but want to be part of it, buses and marchers need inspiring signs. Please create a sign or two that will remind the world why the People’s Climate March is so important. Let Instagram images, tweets, and Facebook posts show world leaders and the global press corps that Wellesley, Massachusetts, is ready for a better future and we want real action now!

Another way to be part of the event:
Answer the question, “What do you love and hope to never lose to Climate Chaos?”
Then post your answer here:

Or create a ribbon for Sustainable Wellesley marchers to carry in the march!

Signs and ribbons may be delivered to 15 Windsor Road before Saturday, September 20th. Signs should be easy to roll or fold, and carried with a hollow cardboard tube or string (no sticks).