The ongoing series of lecture and special events will explore contemporary issues in education and child development

The Tremont School in Weston announced the launch of the Tremont School Forum, an ongoing series of lectures and events that explore contemporary issues in the field of education.  The first lecture series, entitled, “Self Portrait: Supporting Positive Self-Imagery for Middle School Girls,” will focus on the social and emotional lives of middle school girls.

“In creating the Tremont School Forum, we hope to provide a venue for parents to have conversations with experts on issues important to their school-age children,” said Bill Wilmot, the Tremont School’s Academic Director. “We hope to provide an ongoing resource for parents to explore issues of concern in the modern-day lives of their kids, and to explore the many new and exciting advances in education, neuroscience, and child development.

The first lecture in this series, co-sponsored by the Dana Hall School, is titled “Cultural Literacy – Educating Girls to Outsmart Stereotypes” and will be presented by Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair at 7:00 pm; Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at Dana Hall School’s Waldo Auditorium. The talk will discuss ways that parents can raise girls who are culturally savvy and literate; to equip them with intellectual skills to deconstruct values and norms in the culture that undermine girls’ ability to stay strong, healthy and focused in their development.  Parents will learn about how to stay connected to their daughters during these challenging years, and strategies for raising resilient young women.

Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist, school consultant, and author. Catherine has consulted to over 350 independent and public schools parents and students on a wide range of topics related to creating innovative approaches to education and school culture, strengthening children’s social and emotional development, deepening parents’ connections to their children, and closing the leadership gap for girls.

The second lecture in this series, “Building Strength And Character in Middle School Girls” will be presented by Dr. Diana Paolitto 7:00 pm; Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at Tremont School. Good and effective parenting has tough competition these days.  Dr. Paolitto will discuss how parents can help to build strength and character in their young adolescent daughters.  Based on her career gleaning practical experience inside middle schools coupled with her research in her co-authored book, “Promoting Moral Growth: From Piaget to Kohlberg“, she will offer practical guidance and a compelling rationale for positive engagement with one’s children during this critical time of life.

The Tremont School is a new independent school in Metrowest Boston, Massachusetts currently serving grades 5, 6, and 7 that offers a unique project-based curriculum designed to support the social, emotional, and academic development of an inclusive community of students.

More information about the Tremont School Forum can be found at or by contacting Bill Wilmot at 781-235-4805.