First time author Valerie Gates publishes The Other Colors ABC book

Do you know what the colors gamboge, zaffre, and debian look like? Then travel through the alphabet with The Other Colors to learn about the beautiful and unusually named colors found in nature—and to brush up on those ABCs as well. Valerie Gates’s charming alliterative style paired with Ann Cutting’s stunning photographs of colors found in nature—ecru eggs, scarlet scallops, fandango feathers, limerick lizards, azure abalones, and more—are sure to delight artsy children and adults alike.

Join Valerie at Wellesley Books on May 1 from 7-8:30 PM for a creative book signing.

Sky Pony Press – book launch date: April 9th 2013 – Amazon link:

“ Primary colors are so…primary. This square-format ABC book focuses on colors that readers have probably seen, but perhaps never before heard named. Large white capital letters appear against solid blocks of color, while alliterative phrases describe the image on the opposing page. ‘Ecru egg exhibits elegant eclectic exterior.’reads one phase, referring to a photograph of a delicate speckled egg. Cutting’s images combine the playful with the elegant: ‘Khaki kingbirds keep kites knotless’ in one scene while in another stones are serenely stacked upon another (’Periwinkle pebbles produce pleasing patterns’)…a visual and verbal treat.” Publisher’s Weekly

About the Author:

Valerie Gates is an Emmy award-winning art director. Working with off-beat colors every day, she wanted to create a book that introduced some of the cool alternative colors into the primary color world of children’s books. She teamed up with her good friend of many years, photographer Ann Cutting, to produce this whimsical book that will appeal to all ages. Her favorite color in the book is byzantine. Gates lives in a Xanadu house with chartreuse chairs with her husband and two children, and a large taupe cat named George.