800% Increase In Solar Power Systems  


Wellesley will have more than eight times as many solar powered homes, and its first local business, since the Town’s MORE Power to Choose SUN program began late last Spring. The Town had only eight solar powered homes at the time and will have nearly 70 before the end of this year.

With more than an 800% increase in small scale solar electricity systems on the roofs of privately-owned homes in Wellesley, the Town will be generating at least 440,000 kilowatt-hours of additional renewable electricity a year. By reducing the peak load, the Municipal Light Plant (MLP) will lower its fixed capacity charge and the savings will be shared by all MLP customers. 440,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year is the equivalent as the carbon sequestered by 249 acres of forest a year.

During a time when many expect energy prices to rise,  Wellesley solar powered customers will have the advantage to create their own energy for free from the sun.

“Although we have been thinking about solar, we probably never would have acted on it without knowing that the installer had been vetted and that we could trust that all the fees / brokerage arrangements were reasonable,” said Chris Crowley, Wellesley resident. “Just not having to get three quotes, look up reviews, etc. made this such an easy process. Plus, we found out that family members in another town used the same vendor and are very happy with the results.  They are getting a kick out of watching their meter run backwards,” Crowley said with a smile.

The Town’s discounted price (around 30% below the state average) as well as town, state and federal incentives should encourage even more Wellesley residents and business to go solar. The very impressive return on investment (ROI) that this represents and the interest in lowering energy costs, will surely enable the program to continue to organically grow.

“When I deliver the ‘I’m Going Solar’ signs to homeowners who have signed contracts, their faces light up because they feel so good about their decision,” said Ellen Korpi, Chair of the Sustainable Energy Committee.  “When there are children at home, they are excited and proud of what their parents are doing,” Korpi said enthusiastically.

For those interested and or simply curious if solar is right for their home, please register at WellesleyPowerToChoose.com and check the solar box, or call 617 983-8141.  Astrum, the solar installer providing the Town’s group discount, has agreed to continue this pricing until October 31, 2014.

There are also other programs in the MORE Power to Choose Initiative that might be of interest to Wellesley residents such as a free thermal image to see where heat is escaping from a  home, as well as a no cost energy assessment, assistance on how to proceed with advice from an energy assessment, and participation in the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant’s renewable energy program.

Go to www.WellesleyPowerToChoose.com for more information.