Did you miss your chance to make the cover of Sports Illustrated?? Here’s your
opportunity to make photographic history.

We’re Wellesley Strong!

And we’re showing it by creating a BIG TOWN PHOTO! Join us as we honor our local
Boston Marathon runners, public servants, volunteers and cheerleaders. We’ve teamed
up with Maura Wayman Photography to pull off this iconic image.

Here’s the deal:

This Saturday! Meet in front of Wellesley Town Hall Saturday, April 19th at 8:45am.
Photo will be taken in front of Town Hall on the hill facing the library.

We want you to be a part of this. Don’t be late!

Here’s what we need you to do:
1. Arrive on time! Bring a friend.
2. Runners up front and in the middle.
3. Police, Fire Fighter, EMT, WPD, etc. Please join in along the sides.
4. Volunteer/cheerleader/family fill in the middle to back.

Feel free to wear Raider pride, uniforms, runner jackets, etc.

There will be cones that you need to be inside to be in the photo.

Park in public parking and walk over.

We have to move quickly. Please be respectful of town property and do not bring
anything with you and/or leave anything. We have to make sure things are neat and
tidy when we are done.

Come join us, see your fellow runners and make a memory. We look forward to cheering
you on!

Best of Health,

Elaine Marten



Maura Wayman Photography