Wellesley Strong

My Neighborhood Health is a community builder, bringing people together around health and fitness. Elaine Marten believes well-being is more than what you eat and expend, it also is what you surround yourself with. As the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing approached, she wanted to create a moment that would inspire and honor the Wellesley Community. Being the half-way point of the Marathon, Wellesley is in the middle of it all.  After seeing the Sports Illustrated cover, Elaine thought a Wellesley inspired version would be the way to do it.

She contacted local photographer Maura Wayman Photography to help bring the vision to life.  The local Fire, Police & Town Hall quickly helped coordinate the logistics.  On a picture perfect Saturday morning runners, firemen, police and families gathered in front of the town hall for the BIG PICTURE.  Those who came said they were excited to be there, and seeing the giant flag made them unexpectedly emotional and proud.  They’ll all be there Monday, April 21 to run, cheer, and support the Boston Marathon.  Coming together builds community and gives strength. As the year goes on, they’ll all be there keeping Wellesley Strong.

Elaine Marten

Maura Wayman Photography