Wellesley Media Corporation grants $70K to Wellesley Free Library Foundation

Funds Will Turn Wellesley Library’s Wakelin Room Into A State-of-the-Art Digital Information Gateway.


On Thursday, October 16 at 6:15 pm in the Wakelin Room of the Main Library, Wellesley Media Corporation will present the Wellesley Free Library Foundation (WFLF) a check for $70,000 to turn the Wakelin Room, the library’s primary public meeting space, into a facility with state-of-the-art digital studio capability.

The Wakelin Room is home to numerous important meetings and events. These events will now be able to be filmed and watched in high quality video and audio on TV and on demand on the Web. Ultimately Wellesley Media will be able to offer Wakelin room events in real time on the Web.

The WFL offers an outstanding array of quality programs during the year and this new equipment improves the Library’s ability to broadcast more of these programs to the community, furthering its mission to be a gathering place for Wellesley residents. Additionally, the enhanced capabilities in the Wakelin Room will provide content that Wellesley Media will broadcast to the community in multiple formats and through promotion on social media.

Peter Marx, President of Wellesley Media Corporation stated, “In a world that’s moving so fast, it’s exciting for us to have this partnership in which we can bring our digital media expertise and resources to help the WFL in its role as a gateway for ideas and information for all Wellesley residents.”

Last year, Wellesley Media provided a gift of $50,000 to WFL Foundation to acquire state of the art Apple products and a wider range of Library programming utilizing Apple tablets and computers for Jackie’s Room.

“Wellesley Media’s vision and resources are allowing us to significantly enhance the quality of the technological capabilities of the WFL.  We are very excited about the opportunities that this public-private partnership will allow us to provide to the community!” said Beth Sullivan Woods, Chair of the Library Board of Trustees.

About Wellesley Free Library Foundation

The Wellesley Free Library Foundation was established by the Library Trustees in 2008 to serve as the main supporting organization of the Library.  Working in partnership with the Library’s Administration and Trustees as well as its other supporting organizations (the Centennial Fund and the Friends of the Wellesley Free Libraries) the Foundation encourages private philanthropy on behalf of the Wellesley Free Library. This strong public/private partnership builds support for the many enrichment opportunities and special endeavors that make the Wellesley Free Library such an outstanding community resource.

About Wellesley Media Corporation

Wellesley Media Corporation supports the education and informing of Wellesley citizens with regards to Town civic, educational, cultural, and community matters, and to enable them to use the latest tools and technologies for producing, managing and distributing video and digital media.
Wellesley Media Corporation’s vision is to provide state of the art digital media capability, capacity and expertise to enable Town municipal organizations, educational institutions, commercial and non profit organizations and citizens to communicate, interact and share information with each other with regard to local matters.