The Wellesley Players Star Award was presented to Robert Pascucci of Wellesley at the Players’ annual meeting on Tuesday. The Star award is given each year to a member whose long-term contributions to the group go above and beyond expectations, they are hard-working unsung heroes of the organization.

A community theatre group that survives in this day and age depends upon the blood, sweat, dedication, and commitment to excellence of many individuals.  We honor one of our members each year with the Wellesley Players Star Award in an effort to recognize one whose pledge of time and energy stands out among the membership.  This year’s recipient has been a staple in Wellesley Players for over a quarter of a century.  He is incredibly committed to the group, offering his artistic and technical talents to support the vision of so many directors that have led our productions.  In addition to these attributes, he is, as Celia Couture (President) states, “A thoughtful and gentle man with a heart of gold”.  Frank Furnari (Box Office Director) adds, “I always picture him running around the theatre during tech week – whatever one we’re in, in makeup and costume – going to the sound board, doing some tweaks, walking around the theatre listening, going back to the sound board, and then running back stage to go on in the next scene!”    Emily Hart (Technical Director) adds, “I picture him packing and unpacking his car.  Lugging equipment around, tote bags full of every kind of cable and connector you could every need, crawling under seats to plug stuff in… I depend on him.”  We only have one member who fits this description. This year we honor our go to sound designer, performer extraordinaire, and doctor in residence, Robert ‘Scuch’ Pascucci.

This is the third annual Star award. Lois Goodman of Wellesley and Libby Ostrofsky of Needham are previous recipients of this award.

The Wellesley Players, one of America’s oldest community theatre organizations, was founded in 1925 as “The Wellesley Village Players”. The group’s first meeting and annual productions were held in the community hall of The Village Church, their home and sponsor. Since 1925, the Wellesley Players have put on more than 150 productions for the cultural community of MetroWest Boston.

Today, the Wellesley Players are in residence at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown.  The Players perform in the Black Box Theatre and the Mosesian Theatre. The Players present several productions each theatrical season, catering to a variety of local theatrical audiences. The Players also operate the Wellesley Players Family Theatre at the Wellesley Middle School, which serves local families by providing the same high-quality talent and passion through shows designed to educate and entertain younger audiences. The Wellesley Players membership includes patrons, enthusiasts, performers, and technical and logistical personnel from throughout eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

Jackie Pascucci (wife, left), Robert Pascucci (center), presented award by WP Board Member Valerie Von Rosenvinge

Jackie Pascucci (wife, left), Robert Pascucci (center), presented award by WP Board Member Valerie Von Rosenvinge