Pick up your Where’s Waldo passport at Wellesley Books to start your search for Waldo.
Wednesday, July 1st – Thursday, July 30th 2015 (Party will take place on Friday, July 31st)


Where’s Waldo – SCAVENGER HUNT
at Wellesley Books
82 Central Street, Wellesley, MA
and downtown Wellesley shops

Scavenger Hunt followed by raffle and celebration on July 31st at Wellesley Books.

The famous children’s book character in the striped shirt and black-rimmed specs is visiting twenty-five different local businesses throughout our community this July. Those who spot him can win prizes, including buttons, book coupons and more. Pick up your Waldo passport at Wellesley Books. It has the names of all the participating sites. The first 100 Waldo seekers to get their passports marked at ten or more sites can bring their passports back to Wellesley Books to collect prizes. We will celebrate on July 31st with a party and grand prize drawing.

Waldo is the creation of Martin Handford, whose entertaining drawings of crowd scenes swept the world in 1987. Since then, the Where’s Waldo books have held a cherished spot on bookstore shelves the world over. Visit whereswaldo.com.