Healthy Habits Kitchen (, a company dedicated to making it easy for individuals and families to eat healthy, today announced a new wine and food event will take place at the Kitchen on  May 10, 2011. For wine newbies and novices, the  educational series is designed to create a new crop of wine connoisseurs.

“This series is a great night out for a couple or a group of girlfriends,” said Sue Schochet, owner of Healthy Habits Kitchen. “It’s also a wonderful way for people to get some wine education so that they are able to better buy and enjoy it throughout the summer.”

Attendees will use their new found knowledge to buy wine like a sommelier from Cathy Huyghe, founder of Red White Boston. During How to Navigate Your Local Wine Shop Like a Pro, Huyghe will use her extensive education in wine studies and working with wine shops throughout the world to teach you how to find the best wines in Boston, how to buy the right bottle to complement your meal and what to look for in a good one.


The event will take place from 7-8:30 pm at Healthy Habits Kitchen, which is located at 36 Washington Street, Suite 2 in Wellesley. The cost of admission is $25, $10 of which can be used as a credit towards any food purchased that night.


RSVP is required and individuals interested in attending should call (781) 235-6325 or register online at



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