Wellesley Middle School Students Thank DriversA dozen or so Wellesley Middle School students offered daffodils as a gift of thanks to drivers NOT idling in the large school car line on Monday afternoon, March 21st during the Turn Off Your Key and make Wellesley Middle School Idle Free celebration. Balloons decorated the new No Idling signs that were installed by the Public Works Department along Kingsbury Street, and Wellesley Police Officer Evan Rosenberg ensured the safety of the event while thanking folks for not idling.

The event, hosted by the Wellesley Middle School Green Team, Wellesley Green Schools, and the Natural Resources Commission, celebrated the beginning of Spring and WMS’s commitment to clean air.  Daffodils were generously donated by Wellesley Bank.

“We wanted to find a positive way to encourage people not to idle,” said Sue Morris, one of the Chairs of Wellesley Green Schools. “With the assistance of the administration, teachers such as  Catherine Longley-Cook and Matthew Clarke, and enthusiastic students we were able to share the flowers and a note saying ‘Spring Flowers thrive in clean air…thanks for not idling your car’.  Sign were posted along Kingsbury Street with inspiring facts such as:

  • Avoid a costly ticket – 5 minutes is the legal limit (per MA law) to idle a car and fines are $100 for 1st offense & $500 for 2nd
  • Breathe healthier air – 40+ hazardous air pollutants and carcinogens are emitted from engine exhaust
  • Save gas – 2 minutes of idling uses as much fuel as traveling 1 mile
  • Let kids walk – 3 lbs of pollution per month are generated by every vehicle dropping off & picking up kids at one school
  • Help kids with asthma – children’s asthma symptoms increase dramatically as a result of car exhaust
  • Live longer – exposure to car exhaust can increase the chances of getting heart & lung disease as well as cancer
  • Help stop climate change – car emissions contribute to global warming
  • Turn off your key…make WMS Wellesley Idle Free!!

For more information about idling, please click here, to get involved in this and other initiatives, please email info@sustainableWellesley.com. Video of the event, courtesy of Wellesley Public Media.