Fall 2006 Table Of Contents

contents volume 2 issue 3

features fall 2006

“Quirky, Funky, Historic and Full of Life”
College area residents see themselves as caretakers of history. Discover this unique part of town in the second of a series of articles where we explore the history, traditions, and people that create the character of each of Wellesley’s distinct neighborhoods.

Howie Carr
Wellesley resident Howie Carr is a familiar voice to talk radio listeners in the Boston area. Now a best-selling author, Carr joins us for an in-depth interview.

Hometown Hauntings
Halloween is right around the corner, and so might be the spirits from these spine-tingling stories that have taken place right here in Wellesley and Weston.

Mid-Life Opportunity
Many local residents are finding that mid-life is a time not for crisis but opportunity as they find their true calling with rewarding second careers.

Discovering Local Theater
We live amid an extraordinary wealth of talent of all ages, for all ages. Discover the world of local theater, alive and well in Wellesley and Weston.

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