Winter 2008/2009 Table of Contents

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features winter 2008-2009

Lighting Up Wellesley for the Holidays
Supported by local businesses, two Wellesley women and their families rally their neighbors to bring light to the neighborhood and brighten the lives of others.

The Four Corners
The area surrounding Glen Road, Oak Street, and Cliff Road was home to contrasting ways of life at the turn of the century. Historian Pam Fox takes us back in the third in a series of articles in which we describe the people and traditions that helped to create Weston’s lasting New England charm and make the history of the area compelling.

Maestro Out of the Heartland
Meet Max Hobart, the conductor of the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Civic Symphony Orchestra.

A Do-It-Yourself Tour of Wellesley
Wellesley is rich in characters, quirky anecdotes, and history. Beth Hinchliffe’s tour, complete with a map, provides the impetus for a fun and educational family activity ideal for a winter weekend afternoon.

Making the Right Choices
Local professionals urge parents to empower their kids to make smart decisions regarding alcohol use.

Feeding the Hungry
Finding ways to provide for others can be the critical ingredient for a meaningful
holiday season. Putting food on the table is a real struggle for some of our neighbors. Find out how you can help.


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